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Stuck in a Rut?

Watch this short 5 min video from Troy and Tom to discover how you can join us and escape Mediocrity and prepare for the best 2023 possible!

Look, We've All Been There...

...a message from Troy

You know what you need to do... you're a professional. You've probably even done it before, so it's likely not anything new. But for some reason you just are not getting things done like you should.

But ask yourself this... 

Do You Really Think It's Gonna Get Easier?

The economy is in a tailspin...

The inflation rate is super high (higher than they're telling us)...

Gas is $5+ a gallon everywhere you go...

We're on the verge of a Realestate collapse... at any moment...

We've printed trillions of "funny money" dollars to the point that our national debt is a nice 125% of our GDP! 

What the duck?

If you're anything like Tom or me, you will realize that no one is going to bail us out... it's up to us to STEP UP and get things moving ourselves...

So Tom and I created a program to help each other out and honestly that's how this started. A few weeks ago we starting doing 2x a day checkins with each other and COMMITTING to getting our sh*t done.

There's an amazing thing that happens when you publicly commit to someone you personally respect — you don't want to be liar. You DO WHAT YOU SAY and that is where the magic happens.

What is this program?

What Tom and I realized, however, is that it was selfish for us to keep this little gem of a program to ourselves... so we decided to make it super affordable to the point where anyone could join us and open it up to you.

This is a public accountability group, not coaching. There aren't any coaching calls to watch or any commitments on your time for live meetings either. 

You can do everything in 2 minutes per day (more on that)...

What Do I Get?

The program is hosted inside of a private SocialLair group on Troy's group. If you're not familiar with it, it is sort of like having a Facebook Group but without all of the creepy stalking stuff... haha...

You'll get access to the community and inside it each day you will...

What Do I Have to Do?

...simply follow a very simple template and answer three questions, making a public commitment of what you will do that day in three key areas of your life:

~ Finance ~
~ Fitness ~
~ Family ~

It's about "stepping up" just a little bit each and every day.

Those of you that know me well know that I talk a lot about the book THE ONE THING. It is one of my favorite books because of the focus and simplicity it brings to life. 

This program is just that — focus, discipline and simplicity. You are only going to focus on ONE THING in each of three areas every day.

Your Finances going great? Cool... but there's still likely ONE THING you can do to improve them just a bit today, right?

There's an old saying that a man that is healthy has many problems, but a man that is sick has but one — to get healthy! So yes, Fitness is part of this journey but don't get all worked up about it. It could just be committing to a walk or going to the gym for 30 minutes or maybe just doing a 2 day fast... whatever it is you want to do... 

This is YOUR life... and YOUR goals... we're not here to judge, just help you be more effective through the accountability of getting them done!

Look I have diabetes, so I know how important this is. Tom is very healthy, but he makes a daily consistent effort to stay that way. Wherever you are on your health journey, we're right there with you.

It's not about the destination, but about the daily consistent improvement and focus!

What about your Family? Are you spending enough time with your kids? Your grandkids? Your spouse? Is it quality time? Are you really paying attention?

How Much Time Will It Take?

Just 2 minutes a day!

Yes, really... 

All you are going to do is write down your one thing in each of the three areas in the morning and then check back in at night and update the group. The entire point of this is the public accountability.

You'll surely meet some friends along the way too... but this is really about helping you get absolute clarity each and every day about moving ONE THING forward in each of the three areas of your life — Finance, Fitness and Family.

We've priced this to be as affordable as possible because we want to help as many people as possible to step up and get prepared for the upcoming turmoil that surely awaits us in the months to come...

Now it's time... time to...

Just scroll to the bottom of the page and lets get this party started!

Troy & Tom

Step the Duck Up Accountability Program
with Troy & Tom

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